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Farming has been our livelihood for 3 generations so we value our natural resources which provide us with so much bounty. By practicing good stewardship of the land, we provide the best quality onions possible, while maintaining our resources for our future generations.


From our onions we produce a line a high quality condiments and sauces. We firmly believe that we should not produce anything that we would be embarrassed to put our name on (or our children’s face on for that matter!)

When you buy local produce you are receiving the highest quality food for you and your family.

On average, we produce 9.5 million pounds of quality cooking onions in red and yellow globe varieties. These onions are planted in March for harvest in August.

They are dried as much as possible in the field, then transferred into large oak boxes to be dried further in our warehouse to produce long lasting storage onions. The onions are then graded according to USDA and New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets standards by trained workers and hand packed into bags for delivery to wholesalers and your local grocery store.

We wrote the book on onions… The 3rd generation of onion farmer’s wife edited a cookbook of favorite onion recipes from FRANJO Farms. Then a book on cooking with our “famous” onion jellies. Both are available for your enjoyment.

We pride ourselves that when you select our onions, and products you are choosing us to feed your family. From our family to your table, ENJOY!

To Contact us by phone – (585)-554-3238